Welcome to Grains and Beans

What is Grains and Beans, you ask? Why did Beans, a Personal Finance Podcaster and Blogger, and me, Grains, a Pharmacist-turned-Med Student decide to jump into the wild world of food and lifestyle blogging? The answer is simple: we love good food.

When Grains Met Beans

When Beans and I met we came together over our love of good food. I remember the first time he cooked for me: he made Spicy Ground Beef and Hummus from High Flavor Low Labor by JM Hirsch (more on this life changing book here.)

We sopped up the savoury sauce with chunks of fresh pita, leaning over the kitchen counter in his basement apartment and I was hooked. I hadn’t realized cooking could be this easy and tasty at the same time.

Grains and Beans. Bowls with seeds and nuts.

What started out as a love of food has become something bigger: it’s a way of living well. It’s a way of saving money. It’s a way of improving health, but also experiencing pleasure and joy in small daily experiences. It’s a way of saving time and improving productivity.

On a regular basis, Beans and I will turn to each other during a meal and say “We’re geniuses!” because we’ve yet again found a fast, cheap, healthy way to eat something we love at home.

And here’s the thing: we want to let you in on the secret. We know you’re busy, we’re busy too. We don’t have time for fancy, complicated recipes. We’ve found recipes and food strategies that actually save time.

This blog isn’t just for sharing kick ass recipes we’ve found or developed along the way. It’s also a place that we can talk about food.

Why is it important to talk about food?

Honestly, I think we should talk about food less. Food, fitness, health in general have become loaded subjects. We talk about them constantly and most of the conversation is completely toxic.

Food is a coded way to talk about a desire to be more thin, more this or more that. It’s a place we can rest our deepest anxieties, instead of facing them head on.

Rather than dealing with our deepest wounds and insecurities, we can just go on the keto diet.

So, let’s change the conversation. Let’s talk about all the ways that food can bring joy to life, and along the way unpack some of the lies we’ve been sold by the diet industry.

Welcome to Grains and Beans.

Here you’ll find a collection of our favourite recipes. You’ll also find tips for saving money on food, for eating to improve your health (if that’s what you’re after) and you’ll find our take on the current happenings in the food world – the pros and cons of Uber Eats, one health professional’s take on the latest diet trends, and more.

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